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Our route begins in 1935, today we are the largest manufacturing company in Eastern Europe, of epoxy resin products for power and distribution transformers, for Switchgears and switches. Our range of products includes: Poles, capacitives, carriers and bushings, some of which have been approved by Enel Indoor/outdoor for applications in air, oil and gas. The range of outdoor articles also includes resin products moulded with silicone.

The latest generation equipment we have allows us to carry out radioscopic controls, molecular tests, glass transition tests and partial discharge analyses.

From 1954 our company with serious and motivated commitment is active in the electromechanical sector, establishing itself in the main world markets for the production of bushings, valves and accessories for power and distribution transformers. Last generation machines allow us a high quality and with it, the robotics and management systems in real time, guarantee us the maximum control and an efficient customer service.

Our group exports to more than 40 countries and also ensures Kanban and consigment stock services.


Market knowledge, constant updating from a technological point of view, attention to innovation, allow us to offer to the customers products always in line with the needs of the moment; Continuous concrete investments in structures and people, the respect of what surrounds us, a great enthusiasm and a deep trust in what has been done as it can be done in the future, are the characteristics that make Barberi a dynamic and open company to New Horizons.
Quality, flexibility, professionalism are the points on which BarberiĀ® based its work, the satisfaction of the customer is the result of his commitment. The working relationship with employees must be based on mutual trust, loyalty, transparency and collaboration, in order to face the challenges that the market poses to us every day. Each person is an integral part of the production process and must feel involved in the quality of the products. BarberiĀ® has external collaborators and suppliers to whom it transmits its working philosophy and for this reason asks for professionalism and collaboration; Even the smallest details must meet the quality standards adopted. The whole production process must be carried out respecting the safety of the workers, with a particular attention to environmental issues, both internal and external to the company.